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Case Study: Kurvv Increases Direct Bookings for The Bavarian Lodge

Nov 12, 2019 3:55:36 AM / by Allen Klein posted in Case Study, Blog, Customer Segmentation

The Bavarian Lodge is a family-owned hotel in the popular tourist community of Leavenworth, Washington, that offers all the amenities of a modern hotel with the feel of a country inn. Located near the mountain community’s cultural center, the Lodge serves guests from around the world looking to enjoy a wide variety of activities in every season, from winter sports to summer getaways. Providing top-notch service and understanding the needs of its customers are among the Lodge’s most important business values.

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Customer Segmentation – How Machine Learning Can Set You Apart

Sep 26, 2019 11:23:28 PM / by Allen Klein posted in Machine Learning, Blog, Customer Segmentation, Hospitality

Excel and structured spreadsheets have been a fantastic tool for marketers and business owners for years. It brings structure to our data and helps us summarize and understand the reality of our data.

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